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  • MindSumo


    Companies discover top university talent. Students stand out by solving real-world challenges. https://www.mindsumo.com

  • Hicham Sabir

    Hicham Sabir

    Portraits, stories and thoughts from a Moroccan European millennial writer who loves to dance

  • Maria Farrell

    Maria Farrell

    Irish writer based in London. Tech policy, possible futures, politics. @mariafarrell http://www.crookedtimber.org

  • Olivia Blaustein

    Olivia Blaustein

  • William Hoyer Millar

    William Hoyer Millar

  • Dan Hockenmaier

    Dan Hockenmaier

    Growth strategy at Basis One. Former Thumbtack, TSG, BCG. http://danhock.com

  • 日乙談


    覺得自己都幾SLASH 嘅一個香港人。喜歡做青年工作, 得閒會搞下導賞團, 亦愛探索不同文化。相信人生而平等, 所以用有限的能力為不同有需要嘅小眾去發聲。A SLASH who is passionate about youth development, diversity and inclusion.

  • Marc Allante

    Marc Allante

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